"Sorry! I don't speak the language." Tees

"Sorry! I don't speak the language." Tees

Late last month we travelled to Germany. As we only intended to be there one week, and had faith in our translation apps, we didn't learn much of the language before departing. 

After arriving, and obtaining a faulty Sim card (so no translators!), we really wished we knew a little more of the language. While the locals were great at helping us along, it was still a rough start each place we went. At the very least, something we could point at to let the locals know we don't know what they're saying would have been a great help! 

Introducing your new best friend when travelling to a foreign county for a short period of time! These translate to, "Sorry! I don't speak the language." Available in Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and English. If you would like to see them in another language, let us know! 

Whether you are travelling abroad to a place you are not fluent, taking or teaching a language class, or just want to crack up you coworkers and friends, these are now available in the Protean Shop! 

Happy, and safe travels to you all! 

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